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AirPods Cases

AirPods cases are designed to keep your AirPods safe and secure. Every one of our AirPods case covers are made of tough, secure-fitting polycarbonate which will maintain a snug fit designed to last.

Ultra-Protective AirPods Case Covers

Our cases provide optimal protection for your AirPods charging case as they are constructed with tough and durable materials. They also have a secure fit to the case, ensuring maximum security. Our AirPods case covers are built with our AiroShock™ material, designed to deliver unbeatable impact-absorbing protection. It’s purpose-built to absorb the energy of any drop and dampens the impact to your headphones - safeguarding the AirPod charging case should you drop it. Our cases have all undergone a vigorous testing process, far beyond what any AirPod case is likely to go through in day-to-day life. This results in an ultra-durable case, built to last.

Stylish AirPods Cases with Essential Functionality

With minimalist design, you can say goodbye to bulky, clunky cases. Our slim, chic aesthetic boasts supreme protection without sacrificing style. Fitting easily into your pocket or bag, our AirPod covers won’t weigh you down or feel heavy. A variety of smart real leather colours are available which offer a modern look. You can give your AirPods an extra layer of protection with an aramid fibre case cover. This ultra-tough material is extremely durable, and is even used in bulletproof vests.

All of our AirPod cases offer easy access to the charging port. Additionally, wireless charging remains uncompromised so you charge your AirPods at ease. The sleek design does not block out the LED charging light. This means you can keep an eye on charge when on the go without ever having to remove the protective cover. The wireless charging case itself is easy to pop in and out. Our cases require no force, can be applied effortlessly, and achieve a secure fit in seconds.

Our covers are compatible with both first and second-generation AirPods. Plus, we also provide specifically designed cases for AirPod Pro models.

About Mous Cases

The Mous story started with dropping phones from 45ft cranes and out of helicopters. We found that slim cases were not overly protective and those with protection at the forefront of design were often unflattering on the eye and took up a great deal of pocket space. So, we created phone cases including MagSafe compatible cases, that shield your phone from impacts yet remain beautifully crafted.


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