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Flip Wallet – With Stand - Limitless 2.0

Combine the convenience of a wallet with the functionality of a stand


Magnetic Phone Case Accessories

Our magnetic phone case accessories are designed to make your phone even more useful. They attach to your magnetic phone case - accessories include mounts, wallets and chargers. Our magnetic tech is engineered to give you the flexibility to easily swap between each. We have a wide range of phone cases. Most have a magnetic array to attach them to magnetic phone case accessories. If you have an Evolution case, you can swap between mechanical accessories and magnetic phone case accessories.

Magnetic phone case accessories for mounting

One of the reasons we use magnetic arrays in our cases is for phone mounts. Each magnetic array has a corresponding ecosystem of magnetic phone case accessories. These are strong enough to keep your phone elevated. Our magnetic phone case accessories for mounting include charging and non-charging mounts. We have wall mounts, suction mounts and car vent mounts. We also make wireless charger suction and car vent mounts. This wide variety of magnetic phone case accessories makes your phone as functional as possible.

Magnetic phone case accessories for valuables

Another category of magnetic phone case accessories is phone wallets. We make card wallets and flip wallets. Both are available for AutoAlignTM, AutoAlign+™, and MagSafe® compatible ecosystems. These magnetic phone case accessories keep your valuables close to hand. The magnetic arrays are engineered to avoid damage to cards. Like our magnetic phone case, accessories from Mous are designed for style. Our phone wallets are made from supple leather or sleek PU, like our iPad cases.

Flexible magnetic phone case accessories

Our magnetic phone case accessories are designed to keep your phone flexible. You can use a card wallet one day and show off your phone in its clear case the next. It’s easy to swap between magnetic phone accessories throughout the day too. Whether you prefer traditional cables or wireless charging, magnetic phone accessories allow you to use your phone however suits you best. Every day is different and every person is different. Magnetic phone accessories facilitate that.

We are Mous

Every product we make is designed to solve real problems our real customers really have. Whether this is a slim, beautiful phone case which is protective enough to throw off a 45ft crane, or magnetic wireless chargers which align for optimal charge speeds. Our products slot seamlessly into lifestyles and facilitate adventures. From that first phone case, our range has expanded to include Apple Watch accessories, screen protectors, MacBook sleeves and more. Live without limits.


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