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iPhone XR Cases

Our phones are one of our prized possessions, so protect yours in an iPhone XR case. We’re all familiar with the gut-wrenching feeling of dropping our phone on a hard floor and hoping it hasn’t smashed, so why not erase that feeling entirely? Our phone cases can do exactly this for you.

Protective Cases for iPhone XR

Made with our unique AiroShock™ technology our iPhone XR cases offer your device ultimate protection from any drops and impacts they may take. This technology absorbs energy for drops, lessening the impact your phone actually receives. Not only do they provide protection to the back of your phone, but also to the screen. However, if you’re still worried about scratches a screen protector should ease your mind.sleek leather phone case, a sophisticated clear case, or a classy walnut backed case, we know you’ll find the perfect way to protect your phone here! Made from real materials so you know you’re getting the best quality there is.

None of our cases interfere with Qi wireless charging so there’ll be no faffing taking your new case on and off when you need a bit more juice.

About Mous Cases

We realised that aesthetic phone cases offered little to no protection, and protective phone cases were often bulky and not very attractive. This is when we set out on a mission to create beautiful phone cases that have all the protection you need. After dropping phones from 45ft cranes, and helicopters we received crowdfunding to make the brilliant protective phone cases you see today. Since then we have also created AirPods Case Covers, as well as phone mounts, phone wallets and more.


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