FlexLine Charging Cable
USB-A to USB-C (1.5m) Change

FlexLine Charging Cable

A life-long, exceptionally durable charging cable for maximum resilience
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  • Choose from a number of different USB and lightning options for a cable that works for you
  • Made with Aramid Fibre weave for the maximum possible durability
  • Designed specifically to resist fraying and breaking

This FlexLine cable gives you a sturdy, reliable charging companion for all your electronic needs

10,000 bends

Strength and Durability

These FlexLine cables are ultra-strong and durable. They can withstand up to 10,000 bends at the head, can lift up to 140kg from the cable, and the heads have been double clamped for extreme strength

MFi Apple Certified

Our Lightning cables have been MFi certified by Apple which means they have had to go through some rigorous quality checks and allow safe charging

Sleek and Aesthetic

Our FlexLine charging cables have been wrapped in a high quality, sleek, black nylon braid so they blend seamlessly into your aesthetic

Free From Tangles

A robust, sturdy design means you won't have to spend time detangling your cable - the rugged materials keep the cable from becoming twisted or knotted

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