Wall Mount - Limitless 3.0


Wall Mount - Limitless 3.0

Wall Mount - Limitless 3.0

Use your phone hands free with this permanent mount

Strong hold

Magnetic connectivity

Refined design

Use your phone hands-free

The permanent 3M hold lets you use your phone hands free wherever you use it the most

Use it your way

You can use your phone landscape or portrait, thanks to our innovative AutoAlignPlus magnetic mounting system

See it in action

All Limitless 3.0 add-ons have been expertly engineered to provide a sleek design aesthetic and seamless functionality with Limitless 3.0 cases

Next up: Hands-free viewing

The technical bit


The Limitless 3.0 Wall Mount can attach permanently to any smooth flat surface. Avoid any delicate surfaces like paint or wallpaper as these can be damaged upon removal. Once mounted you can securely mount your phone to the Wall Mount for hands-free use


Works with Limitless 3.0 cases


Diameter: 88.5mm Height: 7.6mm

*Lifetime warranty

All Mous products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

See our Warranty page for full details


AutoAlignPlus is our innovative mounting system that allows all of our Limitless 3.0 accessories to work seamlessly with our Limitless 3.0 cases
It comprises of a system of magnets embedded inside every Limitless 3.0 case arranged to not affect wireless charging



ABS Plastic

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