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Phone Cases for Content Creation

Evolution is our new phone case which merges the extremely secure mechanical mounting with MagSafe® compatibility and Mous-grade protection. This is the ideal phone case for content creation. With Evolution, you can attach our IntraLock™ universal accessory adaptor to your phone - cases for content creation should make it simple. This phone case for content creation is available in kits so you can start filming or vlogging straightaway. No action cam is required. You can create content directly on your phone.

A phone case for content creation tools

To use your phone case for content creation, you need to be able to attach it to content creation tools. Our kits have a phone case for content creation and an adaptor to attach it to content creation tools. Many of the kits also contain content creation tools which we’ve carefully selected. You can start using action cam tripods, mounts and other content creation equipment with your phone. These kits enable your phone, because of the phone case, for content creation.

A phone case for content creation and vlogging

You don’t need to buy a vlogging camera. Evolution is a phone case for content creation. You can mount it on IntraLock™ mechanical locking mounts or on MagSafe® compatible mounts. This is a MagSafe® compatible phone case for content creation. Film your vlog directly on your phone using vlogging equipment. Then edit it and upload hassle-free. You don’t need to get out your MacBook. Evolution creation kits ensure you have everything you need to vlog from your phone.

No action cam needed - phone cases for content creation

The most useful camera you have is the one in your pocket. Turn your iPhone into the only action cam you need. Use Evolution, our newest phone case, for content creation thanks to the IntraLock™ universal accessory adaptor. You can now attach your phone to action cam accessories. You can also keep it charged between shots with a MagSafe® compatible charger. Evolution is completely MagSafe® compatible. That’s another reason it’s the perfect phone case for content creation.

This is Mous

When Mous was founded, other phone cases on the market weren’t able to offer the versatile range of experiences we wanted. We believed we could engineer a phone case capable of extreme protection and limitless functionality while still looking good. After months in China, learning everything we could, Limitless was born. Since then, our technologies have become increasingly sophisticated and our product ranges have expanded. You can now get your hands on Mous Apple Watch accessories, iPad cases, screen protectors and so much more.


Mous. Live without limits.


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