50% Off Screen Protectors With Any Phone Case

IntraLock™ Ultra-Secure Mounting Tech

Ultra-secure mechanical mounting, MagSafe® compatibility, and a whole world of accessories for extreme cycling and content creation adventures.

Get The Most Out Of Your Phone

Our range of ultra-useful magnetic and mechanical phone accessories allow you to do even more with your device.

Which Phone Case Is Right For You?

Cases with extreme functionality, serious styles and ultimate protection.


Innovative impact-absorbing technology and magnetic connectivity in timeless styles.


Crystal-clear and completely MagSafe® compatible - a world of infinite possibility.


Engineered with high-impact materials and crystal-clear for protection with a view.

Our Customer Reviews

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our customers think.


Relentlessly Innovative

Mous was built on the idea that you should be able to expect more from the everyday tech you use every day.

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Making Mous


Whether they feature high-impact materials for ultimate protection or intricate electronics for optimal charging, our products always perform as promised.

Limitless Functionality

Mous products always have multiple uses, sometimes with magnetic design, sometimes with mechanical construction, always with imagination.

Serious Style

Style is as important as substance, and we believe that you should have both. Express your individuality through products with an aesthetic just as unique as you are.

Mous-Made Technology

Magnetic Mounting System

Easily swap between accessories, with 24 perfectly positioned magnets to keep them securely connected to your phone case.

Shock-Resistant Material

Protect your phone against shocks, drops and falls with our high-impact material while keeping your case super-slim.

Impact-Absorbing Technology

Super intelligent molecules form and break bonds to protect your device in our state of the art technology.

Empowering The Extreme
Our products are engineered to enhance even the most extreme experiences.

The Mous Mentality

Purposeful Products

Every product we create is intricately designed to solve real problems our real customers really face. Really.

Enhancing Lifestyles

Whether you're navigating hiking trails or urban jungles, your tech accessories should enhance your lifestyle every day.

Relentless Quality

Our products always perform exactly as promised thanks to our lazer focus on quality above all else.

Show, Not Tell

We make big claims and we back them up. If we tell you our cases are protective, we'll drop one out of a helicopter to prove it.

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