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Magnetic Wireless Chargers

Our magnetic wireless chargers are perfectly optimised for use with Limitless 3.0 cases for high-speed charges. The Qi certified magnetic array means they can be used for iPhones, Androids and that they’ll work well with other devices, like AirPods, too. Because we know that style is as important as substance, they have been thoughtfully designed for a considered aesthetic. Choose a magnetic charger to match your other favourite Mous magnetic accessories, with the same relentless focus on performance.

Magnetic wireless chargers optimised for alignment

We’ve been experimenting with magnets for years. We introduced our first magnetic ecosystem, AutoAlign™, with Limitless 2.0. Our magnetic wireless chargers sit within the AutoAlignPlus™ ecosystem, our second magnetic array which is in our Limitless 3.0 cases. When used with Limitless 3.0 cases, our magnetic wireless chargers align perfectly, thanks to the complementary magnetic arrays, ensuring a perfectly optimised high-speed charge every time. The 20 magnets in each AutoAlign+™ add-on mean that you can swap between a card wallet and magnetic wireless chargers with extreme efficiency.

Magnetic wireless chargers for Android

At Mous, we create cases for iPhones, Samsung Galaxys, and Google Pixels. This means Android users can access a world of magnetically optimised modular add-ons and magnetic wireless chargers. Our magnetic wireless chargers are able to operate at four different power levels, so it can safely charge low-power devices like AirPods, as well as providing high-speed charges to devices like a Samsung Galaxy. We want to elevate your experiences with your devices, and a perfectly aligned magnetic wireless charger will enable you to make the most of your Android device.

Our magnetic wireless chargers’ considered design

The top of our magnetic wireless chargers comes in aramid fibre or walnut. Aramid fibre, always a popular choice for our phone cases, is exceptionally strong and known for its heat resistance. Its relatively low molecular weight and extreme resilience means that aramid fibre is now used for bulletproof vests, aeroplanes and even spaceships. It’s regular pattern looks great too. The walnut topped magnetic wireless chargers, meanwhile, are responsibly sourced from real wood. Each grain is unique. The scratch-resistant matte black casing of the magnetic wireless chargers sit seamlessly next to our phone mounts.

We Are Mous

We know you shouldn’t have to compromise on style to protect your favourite tech, which is why we founded Mous. Our products are designed not only to bridge the gap between protective, bulky cases and aesthetic cases which provide no protection, but to be extremely protective and extremely stylish. All our products are deliberately designed to enhance and expand the experiences you have with your everyday tech, every day. But we don’t exclusively make phone cases. We also make accessories including cables and screen protectors, which add additional functionality to your smartphone, alongside which we have protection for your other tech like MacBook sleeves and iPad cases.


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