We are Mous

From one simple idea, from one goal, from one mission: this is Mous protection.

The ultimate in show-not-tell, we gathered 50 people to throw their phones in the air at once. 50 phones, one throw, not a single break. That’s how we protect.

No two people use their phone in one way, but every phone needs protection. Different lives demand different schedules, different journeys, different conversations. Whether you’re double-texting, voice-noting or speed-dialling; whether you’re booking meetings, booking dinner or lost in an audio book; whatever life you lead, your phone shouldn’t break.

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No two people use their phone in one way, but every phone needs protection.

Our engineers in London, our production specialists in China, and our content team around the world all ensure our phone cases’ extreme protection can withstand extreme testing. Behind the scenes, we scrutinise the CAD, QA the assembly and drop-test repeatedly. In front of the camera, we’ve drop-tested from helicopters, hot air balloons and ziplines. From the Mous team testing from cranes, to school kids dropping them from space, to 50 people throwing their phones all at once…

Our history of innovation and experimentation goes far beyond our latest product testing. To see our other high-stakes tests and challenges, check out our YouTube channel.

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