AiroShock™ is a very special technology that has been developed at Mous HQ. It is patent-pending and unique to Mous cases so you won’t find AiroShock™ anywhere else.

 what is Airoshock

What is Airoshock™ Technology?

The most protective Mous cases are lined with our high-impact Airoshock™ material. It absorbs the energy from drops and dampens the impact to your phone. Thanks to this hyper-impressive material, our phone cases can be super slim and aesthetic, yet remain highly protective. Additionally, you can enjoy extra grip to further prevent accidental drops.

How Does Airoshock™ Offer Such Immense Protection?

Our advanced smart-material offers unparalleled protection. Our best protective Mous phone cases and all our AirPods cases are lined with Airoshock™ tech.

Often, slimmer cases do not offer such extreme protection, but Mous is engineered from the ground up. Airoshock™ is very capable of absorbing such incredible impact without adding bulk or destroying our sleek, minimal design. We inject the material with micro crystals that transform into micro air pockets when exposed to high temperature. The air within the micro air pockets acts as miniscule springs which significantly dampen the impact of drops and falls. Combined with a durable blend of reliant materials, this acts as a cushion to keep your device safe. Every single Mous phone case also has a raised front lip to help prevent the screen from hitting the ground.

Airoshock™ technology unique to Mous phone cases & AirPod cases

You can relax knowing Airoshock™ technology will protect your smartphone or AirPods from harmful damage. Not only that, but authentic durable materials you can rely on such as real wood, leather and aramid fibre all boast military-grade protection. Plus, our Limitless ranges are compatible with magnetic accessories such as phone wallets, and all of our cases support Qi wireless charging.


About Mous Cases

Mous started out with a few viral campaigns by dropping phones from 45ft cranes and out of helicopters. A successful crowdfunding campaign later, the Mous dream became a reality. We found that slim cases were not overly protective and those with protection at the forefront of design were often unflattering on the eye and took up a great deal of pocket space. 

Mous Airoshock phone case

So, we created phone cases that are extremely protective (thanks to our friend Airoshock™) yet beautifully crafted and will continue to be a leader in beautiful and practical products to better protect your valuables. Alongside our case range, you can also shop for accessories including screen protectors, car phone mounts, magnetic phone wallets and more.

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