iPad Cases


iPad Pro Case

Unlimited functionality, integrated design and serious protection.

From $69.99


iPad Case

Unlimited functionality, integrated design and serious protection.

From $31.99


iPad Air Case

Unlimited functionality, integrated design and serious protection.

From $84.99


iPad Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Box-fresh protection for your iPad

From $19.99

Protective iPad Cases

We make exceptionally useful and protective iPad cases. They’re designed with innovative AiroFoam™ technology, the same material that’s in our MacBook sleeves, to protect your device from drops and shocks while adding as little extra bulk as possible. We make them useful by seamlessly integrating space for your Apple Pencil and magnetically optimising multiple standing angles. With its minimalist design and extreme protection and functionality credentials, this is the only iPad case you’ll ever need.

Ultra-Protective iPad Cases

Our protective iPad cases are constructed with AiroFoam. This exceptionally clever high-impact material absorbs impacts by forming, then breaking bonds. Just like our other cases, our protective iPad cases are also made with an extremely rigid backplate to protect your device from torsion, or twisting, if it hits the ground. To get the most protection possible for your iPad, pair our protective iPad cases with a high-quality screen protector. While the folio on the case provides extreme protection while it’s closed, your screen protector is there for you when it’s open.

Protective iPad Cases Engineered for Apple Pencils

Our aim is always to enhance your tech’s functionality and never interfere with its native capability. It’s the same ethos which led us to develop our first ecosystem and our MagSafe compatible range. That’s why our protective iPad cases are engineered for use with Apple Pencil. The holder is seamlessly integrated for use and aesthetic. Your Apple Pencil may be integral to how you use your iPad, so we designed our case to reflect that.

Magnetically Optimised Protective iPad Cases

Our protective iPad cases have four magnetically optimised standing angles. We took all our learnings from products like our flip wallets to our charging accessories with optimised viewing angles, and engineered perfect angles with a satisfying magnetic snap. With our protective iPad cases, we made sure stability can’t be especially compromised at lower angles; it’s designed so the folio folds over the kickstand at its lowest angle so you can press down firmly on your iPad screen without fear of the stand collapsing.

We Are Mous

When Mous was founded, we believed we could raise expectations of what phone cases can deliver. When the market was flooded with protective, ugly cases and beautiful, flimsy cases, our mission to create cases that are protective, beautiful, and functional began. From throwing phones off helicopters and 45ft cranes, we tested relentlessly until we’d done what we set out to achieve. Now we make a whole range of tech accessories from protective clear cases, to AirPods cases, to phone cables.


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