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Suction Mount - Limitless 3.0

Secure and versatile viewing engineered for your Limitless 3.0 case

$15.99 $39.99

Car & Home Phone Mounts

Car phone mounts ensure you can enjoy a safe and hands-free driving experience. With suction and vent magnetic phone mounts, we have the ideal accessories to make your commute and trips a doddle. Plus, our smartphone holders are perfect for the home too!

Magnetic Phone Mounts for the Car & Home

Enhance your everyday life and make your device more useful. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel, we have the accessories you need to get the best from your smartphone. And that is exactly what our phone mounts do! Combine our Limitless case range with our Limitless magnetic mounts to make your smartphone instantly way more useful.

We have a range of holders and car vent mounts to make driving as safe and simple as possible. With suction holders that fit smartly on your windshield and air vent mounts that fit securely in your car vent, going hands-free has never been so effortless. Both portrait and landscape angles are possible, so following a route is a breeze. Additionally, our mounts are perfect for the home. With versatile wall and flex mounts, not only can you up the functionality of your device in any room, but also keep hands free for more important activities. Easily access recipes in the kitchen, enjoy sports in the living room or office, as well as follow make-up tutorials in the bedroom.

How is all this possible? We have applied our innovative AutoAlign™ technology to our Limitless 2.0 range and AutoAlignPlus™ to our Limitless 3.0 case ranges so you can pair your phone with essential accessories. The magnets work seamlessly in tandem with case and mount, offering a solid hold so you can drive safe and do more at home. You can also enjoy this tech with a number of our phone wallets and magnetic card holders.

About Mous Accessories

We have developed a core collection of smartphone essentials and accessories so you can get the most out of your smartphone. Alongside our ultra-slim, uber-protective phone cases, you will also find screen protectors, charging cables, as well as AirPods cases to protect your wireless charging case.


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