Card Wallet - Limitless 2.0 - iPhone and Galaxy S8, S10


Card Wallet - Limitless 2.0 - iPhone and Galaxy S8, S10

Card Wallet - Limitless 2.0 - iPhone and Galaxy S8, S10

Card Wallet

Limitless 2.0


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Slim and stylish leather wallet keeps your phone and cards in one place

Magnetic connectivity

Slim design

Easy card removal

Make your phone more useful

AutoAlign™ magnets connect seamlessly to the magnets in our Limitless 2.0 cases, allowing the Card Wallet to be effortlessly removed and re-attached to your case

Stylish and slim

Minimalist product design and real leather combine for a stylish and practical way to store your most frequently used cards

See it in action
All Limitless 2.0 accessories have been expertly engineered to provide a sleek design aesthetic and seamless functionality with Limitless 2.0 cases

Next up: Card storage

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The technical bit

Product Description

The real leather Limitless 2.0 Card Wallet is designed to hold up to two cards. The magnets work together with a silicone strip at the back of the wallet to ensure secure connectivity to your phone case at all times


Works with Limitless 2.0 cases


L: 96.5mm

W: 60mm

D: 2.7mm

Weight: 15g

*Lifetime warranty

This product comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

See our Warranty page for full details


AutoAlign™ is our innovative mounting system that allows all of our Limitless 2.0 accessories to work seamlessly with our Limitless 2.0 cases. The magnets hold the accessory on securely and in the correct position every time


Real leather

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