Limitless 3.0 - Card Wallet
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Limitless 3.0 - Card Wallet

A useful Card Wallet which expands the functionality of your phone Learn More
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  • Seamlessly connect your Limitless 3.0 phone case to your Card Wallet with AutoAlign+™
  • Slimline design that doesn't add bulk to your phone
  • Real leather for an aesthetic that compliments your style

This slim and stylish leather Card Wallet keeps your phone and cards in one place

Secure card storage
Slim design
Easy card removal

Slim and Stylish

Minimalist product design and real leather combine for a stylish and practical way to store your most frequently used cards

Total Functionality

AutoAlign+™ magnets connect seamlessly to the magnets in our Limitless 3.0 cases, allowing the Card Wallet to be effortlessly removed and re-attached to your case

Simplify Your Life

Giving you ease of access to your most frequently used cards, ditch the classic wallet and keep your pockets free of unnecessary junk

“Ground-breaking… really, really good”
“Mous is an innovative company”
“Mous’s cases are tougher than the guy from The Revenant who fought a bear”
“[a] favourite brand of ours which provides high quality, rigorously tested phone cases.”


AutoAlign+™ is our innovative mounting system that allows all of our Limitless 3.0 accessories to work seamlessly with our Limitless 3.0 cases. The magnets hold the accessory on securely and in the correct position every time

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