Suction Mount - Limitless 3.0


Suction Mount - Limitless 3.0

Suction Mount - Limitless 3.0

Suction Mount

Limitless 3.0


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Enhance your hands-free experience with this fully adjustable suction mount

Magnetic connectivity

360° head rotation

Highly durable

Secure hold

The suction lock and sticky gel base work together so that your phone stays secured to any glossy surface

Easy attachment and removal

The mount magnetically attracts our Limitless 3.0 cases which allows for a strong hold

Fully adjustable

The mount head can be rotated 360° to suit you

See it in action
All Limitless 3.0 accessories have been expertly engineered to provide a sleek design aesthetic and seamless functionality with Limitless 3.0 cases

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The technical bit

Product Description

The Limitless 3.0 Suction Mount attaches to any glossy, hard surface using the suction cup. A sticky gel pad is also featured on the suction cup to ensure the mount will never fall off. Four magnets in the mount connect effortlessly to all Limitless 3.0 cases and the flexible head allows you to orient your phone in any direction


Works with Limitless 3.0 cases

Secures to any hard, glossy surface


L: 97mm W: 83mm H: 45mm

*Lifetime Warranty

This product comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

See our Warranty page for full details


AutoAlignPlus is our innovative mounting system that allows all of our Limitless 3.0 accessories to work seamlessly with our Limitless 3.0 cases

It comprises a system of magnets embedded inside every Limitless 3.0 case arranged to not affect wireless charging


ABS body and Silicone pad

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